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Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Harrisburg is a pivotal city in the North Eastern United States.  Humans have gathered here for food and shelter for possibly thousands of years as evidenced by the Native American artifacts plentiful in the area.

The roots of today's Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania, were planted by William Penn around 1690.  The John Harris (the cities name sake) legacy to the area started in 1705 and continued with his son who named the city "Harrisburg"  to honor his father.  Harrisburg was chosen as the States Capital in 1810, the same year it received it's city charter.

Harrisburg has always been a transportation hub as the Susquehanna river and the Cumberland gap provided routes for early commerce.  With the growth of the population and the human flow through the city the hospitality industry also grew.  Inns, restaurants, bars, taverns were and still are essential to the local economy

Today the Harrisburg Area is even more of a transportation hub as major highways and rail service extend North South East and West.  The buzz of state and federal government activities in Harrisburg, the museums, various cultural venues and events, the Farm Show Complex and the Hershey entertainment attractions continue grow the need for relaxation and entertainment or course quality restaurants.

Unfortunately, like many other urban centers Harrisburg entered a period of  urban decline starting in the late 1960 through the 1990s.

Stephen R. Reed became mayor and through his vision, hard work and dedication Harrisburg has redeveloped itself.  Stephen Reed is quick to acknowledge those involved in this effort, from the residents to the entrepreneurs and investors who make the City today a great place to live, work and play.

Restaurant Row is one of the keys of this urban redevelopment and bring life back to the city.  The Fire House Restaurant, is an excellent example of this renewal.

Donny Brown renovated the historic Hope Station building, which is home to The Fire House Restaurant.  Hope Station is the oldest standing firehouse in the city of Harrisburg and is the second oldest in Pennsylvania.

Inspired by a devastating fire on Christmas Eve 1813, the Harrisburg Hope Fire Company was founded in 1814. This building, Hope Station #2, was built in 1871. The station continued to serve the community until 1980, when new firehouses were built and the company was relocated.

Most of the architecture is the original design; those areas in need of repair were restored to their original splendor. All of the exterior's brick is a significant and rare example of its period it embodies the features of the Italianate Revival style, with simple lines, subtle design elements and an absence of embellishment. Along with the brickwork, all of the original sashing, window mutins and mullions and doors were retained in the restoration.

Today, Hope Station continues to serve its friends and neighbors of Central Pennsylvania in another way - as the home to The Fire House, purveyor of fine dining and drinks.

We look forward to your visit.

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